Pavestone | Natural Paving Stone for gardens and driveways

Pavestone | Natural Paving Stone for gardens and driveways

Get the balance between paving, purpose, and plants for an appealing driveway to add some more character to your home. Having a driveway design that complements your home style will be a wonderful welcome to you and your visitors. What’s more is you don’t need to completely overhaul your drive and front garden to make it perfect.

Fifty years ago, there were only 11 million licensed vehicles on the UK’s roads, however there are currently more than 38 million. So, it’s not a surprise that many people are opting for a paved driveway to keep their cars in a safe and secure spot outside their home.

This option may be low-maintenance and functional, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the beauty of blooms and a flourishing front garden. In fact, there’s an easy win-win situation with Pavestone’sGrassParkwhich is a permeable surface that is robust and suitable to be parked on. At the same time, it allows greenery to grow between the surface to ensure nature is still a component of your practical paving. Not only does it look great but a permeable paving like this or gravel enables water to drain through the surface which decreases the likelihood of flooding.

On the other hand, if you have the space to have a driveway for your vehicle and still have the space for beds, borders, or a lawn, then adding edging to your drive can have a striking effect.

Edging likeRumbled Kerbstonewill create boundaries at the front of your home just like the rooms inside your house and is functional too as it will stop vehicles from harming your beautiful blooms. There are two shades, ‘Brindle’ which is a red stone or ‘Charcoal’ for a darker colour edging, which will add a finishing touch to match your aesthetics.  

Just like you decorate the interior of your home to suit your personal style, a drive is also an extension of your space, and an important one as it’s the first thing your visitors see when arriving. So, continuing the style of your abode to the front of your house will help to create a cohesive and attractive appearance.  

Whether your home is a modern townhouse or traditional cottage natural stone block paving offers the ultimate paving solution. With a timeless look that will last for decades and will enhance the personality of your property. It’s varying hues and textures will ensure your driveway will look unique.

Alternatively, for a contemporary choice, theSlate Drivewaypaving will add some drama to your driveway with blue, black and grey tones for a dark but sophisticated finish. Or for a classic cobbled look which will suit many different house types,Tudor Cobblewill complement your home with its variety of shades. ‘Denby’ delivers grey tones, whilst ‘Cambridge’ brings brown and red shades for a warmer feel.

For a classic cobbled look which will suit many different house types,Tudor Cobblewill complement your home with its variety of shades. ‘Denby’ delivers grey tones, whilst ‘Cambridge’ brings brown and red shades for a warmer feel.

It’s not just cars that need somewhere smart and elegant to park up. Cobblesett block paving is perfect for large and small driveways offering plenty of character for properties new and old.  With the timeless appearance old cobbles, Cobblesett will enhance any paved area. Even a bike park!  

Add a new dimension to your driveway with plants that will bring colour, texture, and fragrance. Many people would prefer low-maintenance picks for their driveway and front garden, so they can benefit from the beauty, whilst not having to set aside a lot of time for upkeep.  

To bring the balance of nature and paving, you could fix two paving tracks to keep your car and surround the area with robust plants that can cope with being parked over! If you want hardy plants that are low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with Lysimachia nummularia(golden creeping jenny) ‘Aurea’ which is an evergreen perennial, so it will provide colour from its foliage all year round and is joined by cheery yellow flowers in summer. It’s low growing and doesn’t mind being run over occasionally, so it’s a great contender for your driveway.

Line your paving with a small gravel garden and bring some creeping colour with Erodium x variabile(storksbill) ‘Roseum’ which is a hardy trailing plant that has striking grey-green foliage that is coupled with deep pink flowers in summer.  

If your home is a contemporary, modern build and you have opted for slate pavers, add a finishing touch with dramatic planting such as Ophiopogon planiscapus(black mondo grass) that has slender black leaves that will add to the style whilst also adding to the soundtrack of your driveway with the gentle rustling of the foliage.

Picking paving that matches your property style and interior design will create a cohesive and streamlined look that is sure to bring you joy whenever you return home or are hosting visitors. With these tips you can balance the beauty with the practical function of a driveway.

This month I've selected a video which explains a bit about the thought process behind the stone selected to make this beautiful driveway.  

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