50 Small Bathroom Design Ideas & Solutions

50 Small Bathroom Design Ideas & Solutions

With less square footage to decorate or remodel, small bathrooms and powder rooms are ideal spaces to go all out on design. From fun flooring and fixture ideas to useful space-saving solutions, follow our expert tips and tricks to amp up and make the most out of your tiny space. So, buy that quirky wallpaper you've been eyeing or install that cool mirror you thrifted to create a bathroom that's only small on space — not style.

Yes, you can make a tub work in a small bathroom. This otherwise cramped enclosure is the perfect spot for a small soaking tub. From bright, tribal pattern flooring to towel hooks that double as fun art, this is a great example of a small bathroom that gets everything right.

Cloth shower curtains introduce a level of sophistication and glamour to any bathroom. Use this to your advantage in a small space by installing an extra-tall curtain close to the ceiling. The tumble of fabric from ceiling to floor will elongate the walls and bring elegance to the room. See More Photos: 50 (Almost!) Free Bathroom Updates

Neutral hues are a timeless option to instantly brighten the bathroom. Here, a lightoak vanity pops against sparkling white walls while cane detailing on the cabinet’s face gives added flair. See More Photos: All The Creative Ways You Can Use Cane Accessories In Your Home

Walk-in showers are far from your only option for high-style bathing. This bathroom features a subway-tiled tub married with a barely-there glass enclosure. The use of glass keeps the full expanse of the room visible for a spacious feel.

Turn heads in a tiny powder room with a mirror that flirts with curves and loops. By eschewing a to-be-expected square silhouette, this embellished piece feels fun and feminine and helps soften the sharp lines of the walls and vanity.

Small bathrooms can't afford to be cluttered. If your bathroom doesn't have space for large amounts of storage, the storage you do have should pull double duty as an accent piece like these sleek natural wood shelves with well-placed essentials and decor pieces.

It's a well-known design truth that mirrors can create the illusion of more space. The floor-to-ceiling mirror shown here is a perfect example of this tactic. The floating marble vanity and clean color scheme further complete the posh, airy look of the bathroom.

Maneuvering in a tight space is hard enough without the added obstacle of protruding handles. Streamline drawers and cabinets with units that spring open or have a lip or pull of the same material. Here, the minimalist vanity enhances the openness of the space with sleek lines that are uninterrupted by hardware.

Keep It Neat With a Niche Save space in style with a built-in niche behind the tub or in the shower. These covert storage shelves are tucked away so they don't intrude on already limited space. For a cohesive appearance, use the same tiles or finishes for the niche that are featured on the surrounding walls.

Small bathroom color palettes don't have to be limited to whites and grays. In a small space, utilize bright, bold colors and patterns that might be overwhelming in a larger room. This small bathroom from Dabito of Old Brand New is bursting with rich colors, quirky patterns and geometric shapes.

Fish scale tile is a hot bathroom trend and using it on a small shower accent wall is a great way to elevate your bathroom in a very subtle way. Finish off the shower with a sleek glass door to strut your shower's new style.

Medicine cabinets, though once a staple in every bathroom, have become less and less popular. Get the best of both worlds (and stay on-trend) with a chic, oversized bathroom mirror that has a secret storage insert behind it. Get the How-To: DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet With Oversized Mirror

Add big personality to a small space with a gallery wall. Curate unique and unexpected artworks for a museum-worthy display that doesn't require any square footage. Make sure the pieces are water-resistant or properly framed to avoid moisture damage. See More of This Space: Guest Bathroom Pictures From HGTV Urban Oasis 2020

Patterns look great in small bathrooms. Try a quirky patterned floor and see how the small square footage actually works in your favor. For another decor trick that adds interest to the bathroom, line your shower niche with the same patterned tile featured on the floors. See More Photos: Bathroom Tile Designs That Are Anything But Boring

Elongating a small bathroom is as easy as installing a hanging mirror. The key is to place the round glass at about eye-level, and then use the straps to accentuate the height of the ceilings. Though mirrors like this typically come with nautical rope or brown leather,white straps were chosen for this powder room to help the cramped space feel more open.

Embrace your inner gardener and feature some foliage in your small bathroom. Plants establish a natural focal point that purifies the air and energizes the space. To expand a cramped space, choose extra-long hanging plants that will draw the eye upwards. See More Photos: Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom

While vertical stripes on clothing might make you look thinner, they can make your bathroom look bigger and more dramatic. Consider a nautical-inspired wallpaper or use paint to create the look for less. See More of This Space: Powder Room From HGTV Dream Home 2018

Adding long, uninterrupted horizontal planks to a small bathroom is also a great way to make it seem larger than it actually is. In this small bathroom, the shiplap walls maximize horizontal space and keep the room from feeling closed in.

The right lighting choices in a small bathroom can maximize the space and provide the adequate light you need for your daily bathroom routine. This modern bathroom's dark walls and backsplash are illuminated with recessed lighting above while contemporary sconces provide task lighting over the vanity.

"Powder rooms are usually where I really go all out, break all the rules and use materials that might look 'over the top' in larger spaces," says interior designer Melissa Miranda. In tiny powder rooms like this one, small, medium and large wallpaper patterns work well. In larger powder rooms and bathrooms, wall coverings featuring small patterns can look cluttered. Get the How-To: How to Install Wallpaper in a Bathroom

An open floating vanity makes this bathroom appear much larger by opening up the floor space. The open shelving allows for an abundance of decorating combinations — including baskets to hold supplies. See More Photos: 40 Bathroom Vanities You'll Love for Any Style

An advantage of small bathrooms? Smaller prices. "Since the space is usually so small, you can get away with using higher priced materials as you need so little of them," says interior designer Melissa Miranda. Sparkling Damask wallpaper creates a stunning setting for a pair of contemporary pendant lights and golden sunburst mirror in this ultra-glam bathroom. Learn More: What Is the Average Cost to Remodel a Half Bathroom?

This ultra-modern console sink is a master of multitasking. The negative space created by thin legs and a sleek counter establishes breathing room and opens up this small nook. The chrome stand offers a contemporary take on a classic style while doubling as a towel bar.

Even petite bathrooms can benefit from an accent wall such as this forest green wall featuring a vintage map. Instead of making this small bathroom seem smaller, the accent wall adds much-needed color to an otherwise neutral space. See More Photos: 40 Bathroom Color Schemes We're Loving Right Now

Add class and character to a powder room with wainscotting. It's relatively easy to install and comes in water-resistant options for the bathroom. To kick up the contrast, try pairing it with a funky wallpaper or vibrant wall color on top. Get the How-To: How to Install Wainscoting to a Wall

This petite guest bath is big on style with a playful mix of tile that defines different elements of the space. From the geometric black-and-white floor tile to the horizontal lines of the white-tiled shower to the bold pop of yellow penny-round on the backsplash, the combination is fun, graphic and modern. See More Photos: Our Fave Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

What's a soak without a glass of wine and a candle? A luxurious tray for the tub automatically creates a spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom experience. Fortunately, this washroom essential can double as a shelf for neatly arranged toiletries, a floral focal point or a rolled towel display.

If you've always wanted a walk-in shower and a soaking tub in the same bathroom but lack the space, then consider a wet room to create the best of both worlds. Combining the tub and shower into one area allows for the space to serve more than one purpose while creating a spa-like visual appearance. Learn More: Interested in a Wet Room? Learn More About This Hot Bathroom Style

The vanity is often the largest piece of furniture in a bathroom and therefore has a big effect on how spacious the room feels. In this small space by Genna Margolis, a wooden floating vanity takes up less physical space without compromising an ounce of style.

A small space, such as this powder room, can be a fun place to try out that quirky wallpaper or bold paint color you've been eyeing. Here, green leafy wallpaper gives the space jungle fever and is imaginatively contrasted by the reds and yellows of the rug.

While you'd never want clothes lying all over the floor even in a palatial bathroom, it's especially important to keep things neat and tidy in a small bathroom. Utilize a black rolling wire laundry basket, wall hook and towel bar to blend function and style. See More of This Space: Guest Bathroom Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2017

It's a common misconception that dark colors stifle a small space. Fortunately for this rapidly growing trend, that rule was made to be broken. Here, the use of a dark color palette paired with the reflective surface of tiles creates opulence while maintaining a sense of openness. See More of This Home: The Property Brothers Create the Ultimate Forever Home for Big Brother JD Scott

A repurposed wooden ladder adds instant charm above the toilet in this farmhouse-inspired bathroom, offering a place to hang a hand towel and a basket to store extra towels and any other bathroom necessities.

The lack of square footage is a good thing when it comes to purchasing new flooring. Even a pricey pick, such as this black, gray and white marble hexagonal tile, won't set your budget back too much.

Earthy hues and tactile finishes are trending for their comforting qualities. Embrace the cozy intimacy of a small bathroom by incorporating natural accent pieces or a neutral warm color for the walls. See More Photos: 40 Wow-Worthy Bathroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

Careful attention to design ensured that this already-small bathroom would not feel closed in. Wine boxes add beautiful warm color and create easy storage. A skirt for the sink provides extra storage underneath, and the pages of an old book are taped to the wall for inexpensive and effective decoration.

Luxury can be found even in a small space. This bathroom has just a standard-sized tub, but the black tile, glass shower and brass accessories turn it into a retreat.

Bring the outdoors in with wooded textures and finishes to breathe warmth and life into a small space. Choose natural accent pieces, such as this bamboo frame mirror and repurposed furniture sink stand, for an organic style that is both relaxing and homey.

A minimalist palette maximizes the feel of a space, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Strategically pairing patterns adds movement and energy to a small bath or powder room. In this space, a marble countertop is paired with marble-inspired walls for a design that's full of movement.

Sometimes bold color is all you need to make a big statement. Although this space is small, the bold salmon-pink walls give it fresh personality. A simple white vanity and sleek fixtures balance the vibrant color.

Bright spaces look larger but limited lighting is often an issue in small bathrooms. Fortunately for rooms with a shortage of sconces, there's been a slew of advancements in lighting technology. Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets offer multiple ambient settings, conserve wall space and pull double duty as a night light. See More of This Space: Master Bathroom Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2020

Small bathrooms unfortunately call for smaller fixtures. Instead of overwhelming your bathroom with a large sink and bulky vanity, choose a smaller, vintage-inspired sink. This piece serves its purpose while allowing extra room underneath to stow two small step stools.

An absentee linen closet doesn't signal the end of your towel storage schemes. Create a hotel-worthy display using wall-mounted shelves or a vanitywith deep surface area to store towels. Take space conservation to the next level by neatly rolling towels and arranging them in stacks.

Your bathroom should feel simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. Draw inspiration from favorite or cherished locations such as designer Justina Blakeney's jungalow bathroom inspired her travels to Turkey and Morocco. The blue color choice came from a family trip to Lake Tahoe.

Surface area is often in short supply when it comes to a small bathroom vanity. To free up that valuable counter space, pairwall-mount fixtures with a vessel sink. See More Photos: Fixtures and Faucets: Bathroom Sinks With Style

Take a Trip to the Country A yellow footed tub framed by yellow floral curtains create a cozy, French country-inspired bath. A wood cabinet, antique door with glass handle and a blue distressed footstool complete the aesthetic.

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