Interior Designers in Sustainability

Interior Designers in Sustainability

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A top voice in the field of Holistic Interior Design, CEO and Creative Director Laurence Carr sources healthy building materials and sustainable furnishings to create luxury home and hospitality spaces that blend wellness with the protection of the planet. The holistic approach at her New York City-based firm is all about wellbeing for interiors—meaning traditions like Feng Shui, I-Ching, Vatsu Shana, Wabi Sabi, healing energy, sound therapy, and more weave their way harmoniously into its designs.

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Four simple words on the home page of Miami-based MG Design Lab say it all: “Interior Design, Sustainably Done.” Founder Marcy Garcia, an accredited Green AP Designer and Interior Architect, designs both residential and corporate spaces with a mindful focus on sustainable methods and materials. Raised in Colombia, she brings a global point of view to her work, which is celebrated for its understated and elegant aesthetic and sense of earthy charisma.

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Gina Gutierrez launched Gina Rachelle Design in the San Francisco Bay area in 2012—and began designing homes that blend her signature style of traditional and modern with her clients’ aesthetic plus materials, finishes, and decor that make the planet a priority. In addition, her studio is a founding member of THE GOOD FUTURE DESIGN ALLIANCE (the GFDA), an alliance of architects, interior designers, builders, landscapers, makers, and retailers committed to reducing their contribution to the landfill system by 50% in the next five years.

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Designer, writer, and TV presenter Oliver Heath founded Oliver Heath Design, a research-led sustainable architecture and interior design practice in Brighton, England, to help improve health and wellbeing in the built environment. His human-centered approach incorporates “Biophilic Design” principles, which aim to strengthen our connection with nature to reduce stress where we live and work. Within a design, this means improving natural light, outdoor views, and ventilation; incorporating natural materials, textures, and patterns; and creating restorative spaces.

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The mantra at Melbourne, Australia’s BRAVE NEW ECO? “Minimum change for maximum benefit.” Founding Director and Principal Designer Megan Norgate leads her studio with a resourceful and holistic approach that puts people and the planet at the heart of each design. Among its many eco-minded objectives (see them all here), BRAVE NEW ECO values quality and durability over glamour and fashion, and will often restore, reuse, and re-interpret existing pieces from a client’s home—ensuring the space is an authentic reflection of the family living in it.

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Alicia Ruach is a former championship athlete and professional in the Sports & Entertainment business of Toronto, so it’s no surprise her designs explore the positive impact your home environment can have on your physical health and mental wellness. Dedicated to selecting products, materials, and finishes that are sustainable and eco-minded, her holistic interior design boutique Alicia Ruach Design + Co. aims to create interiors that are as personal and beautiful as they are nourishing for both you and the earth.

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Luxury and wellbeing are the cornerstones of interiors created by Boston’s Lisa Tharp Design. An advocate for architectural preservation, the creative studio’s founder Lisa Tharp is passionate about design practices that are healthy for people and the planet. Her Concord Green Healthy Homeis a prime example: it stylishly exhibits sustainable methods such as a passive heating and cooling and the use of non-toxic, better-for-you materials throughout its award-winning design.

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On a mission to create healthier lifestyles for all, Amy Thomas focuses on sustainable, eco design that shows her clients that they can have not only a well-appointed and designed space, but also one that creates a living environment that’s better for their wellbeing. Working from the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro area, Amy is a GREEN AP leader and member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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