What Are the Safest Exterior Doors? | Modernize

What Are the Safest Exterior Doors? | Modernize

When people think about keeping their houses safe, they may think about home security systems that alert them of potential break-ins or fires in their homes or gutter systems that prevent problems like flooding. But have you ever considered the safety of your doors? Not all doors are created equally, so you want to choose doors that will protect your home from burglaries as well as inclement weather. Continue reading to find the safest doors and accessories you can get, from steel exterior doors to aluminum doors to heavy-duty kickplates. 

Although doors can be made from various materials, not all of them are the best choice to boost the safety of your home. The following are the safest exterior door materials you can choose from. Keep in mind that the below prices do not include installation or any additional needs you may have like framing out an opening.

Aluminum doors are a long-lasting, strong option that provide great security from your home being burglarized. In addition, these doors have thermal insulation, so if you’re in a cold climate, they can help keep your energy costs down. If you want the benefits of aluminum doors but don’t like the metal appearance, there are several styles you can choose from, including doors with wood grain finishes. However, aluminum doors are among some of the priciest options, so you can expect to pay at least $600 plus installation fees. 

Since fiberglass does not crack or break, it’s an excellent material for your front door to protect your home from burglaries. These doors are a solid choice in harsh climates because they don’t warp like metal doors, and they provide good insulation. Fiberglass doors are more affordable than other types, and can be as low as $200.

Steel doors are a durable, versatile choice that can withstand impact from a potential burglar, as well as inclement weather. In addition, exterior steel doors help with fire safety, as they can resist fire for almost 20 minutes. Steel doors generally cost about $150.

Wood doors are among the most versatile since you can choose a variety of different types of wood—such as mahogany, oak, walnut, maple, and pine. Additionally, wood doors are an effective protection against burglars, and although they have a reputation for getting warped, they’re actually able to sustain the harshest of weather conditions—especially if they’re well-maintained. The cost of wood doors depends on the type of wood you choose, and can run between $600 and $4,000. 

Having a steel exterior door or a door made of another safe/secure material is great, but you can make these doors even more effective by adding specific security features. The following are some for you to consider.

A cylinder guard is a steel cylinder that you place around your lock for extra protection. Adding cylinder guards can help prevent doors from being pried or kicked open by burglars.

Metal door frames can be installed around doors to help make them more secure, as well as improve insulation. This type of protection requires help from a professional who can ensure the frame fits your door properly.

If you’re not going to get a new door with a brand new lock, you may want to rekey the lock of your existing door. This will help ensure that people who previously had keys to your home are not able to still get in. In order to help ensure the safety of your door, it’s best to have hinges that are installed on the inside. However, if your door has exterior hinges instead, they should include locking screws and pins to provide protection. Despite the type of door you have, make sure it has a solid core, which is more resistant to attack from burglars and the ravages of harsh weather. The only doors that don’t need to be solid are the interior doors of your home. A strike plate is the part of a deadbolt that the bolt is inserted into, so it must be strong for the lock to be protective. The most secure lock you can get will have a deadbolt with a heavy duty plate that keeps the door secure when you lock it. To get a better view of what’s going on outside your home, install a wide angle peephole, which will give you visibility of the left and right corners of your entryway. This will allow you to see who’s standing in front of your door, no matter where they’re positioned. Where Are Safe Doors Needed Most? First and foremost, your front door should be the safest and most secure. However, that’s not the only place the safest doors should be installed. Secondary doors, including back, patio, and garage doors, are often used by burglars for entry into a home because they tend to be less secure and may even remain unlocked. As a result, homeowners need to be vigilant about keeping them protected.

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