Choosing the Right Vanity, Mirror and Lighting for your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Vanity, Mirror and Lighting for your Bathroom

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so we need them to be functional, but they also provide us with an opportunity to add our personality and unique spin.  I have a geometric wallpaper in mine!

When it comes to finding the right vanity, mirror, and lighting for your bathroom, there are so many models and styles to choose from, sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right vanity, mirror, and lighting for your bathroom.

A vanity is incredibly useful and essential for a busy household. Vanities provide much-needed storage and can be the focal point of the room and help anchor the space.

When choosing a vanity, think about the size you require. Is it a straight replacement, or are you looking for something larger with more storage? It is essential to measure your space so you can assess your limitations and options. Next, make sure you have enough room to maneuver in your area, for example, can you easily open the cabinet doors, shower stalls, drawers, etc. There’s nothing worse than installing a new oversized vanity and not being able to open the bathroom door all the way!

What kind of sink do you need? Just one? Or maybe you want two sinks? Vanities come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Just remember when you have two sinks, you will probably be compromising much-needed counter space, so make sure your choice meets your needs.

Remember, if you go for a more oversized vanity, have two sinks or choose a wall mount vanity, your plumbing may need to be adjusted, which could alter your timeline and budget. However, if it is a straight swap out, there should be little or no adjustments required.

Unique double sinks with matching single faucets and large mirror centered over the vanity by Pyramid Home Improvement and Renovation Inc. atImprove Canada.

Vanity models can include a faucet set and sink, while other models, the faucet and sink, are sold separately. Of course, this allows you the opportunity to add your personality by choosing a unique faucet or sink to the final look. When choosing faucets, make sure to note the number of faucet holes, how far apart they are, and how they should be installed. I would recommend not installing a vanity yourself.

Show your personality with this stunning cut-glass sink from Canaroma atImprove Canada.

A mirror's function in a bathroom is essential for things like shaving, putting your makeup on, and styling your hair. So, how big should the mirror be? Do you need more than one mirror?

When choosing a mirror, remember to consider the size of your vanity, height, and bathroom size.

To ensure your space is balanced, your mirror's size should be relative to that of your vanity. Typically, vanity mirrors are no wider than the vanity itself. They can also be the same width as the vanity, but you may have to get your mirror custom made to achieve this.

Alternatively, a good rule is to get a mirror that is approximately 70 to 80 percent as wide as the vanity, centered across the vanity. The height of a mirror can vary, but I advise going as high as possible because it will provide more mirror surface and help reflect light and create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom.

Mirror centered over bathroom vanity with storage from Sosna at Improve Canada.

If you have a wide vanity or one with multiple sinks, you also have the option of using numerous mirrors (one over each sink) or one single large mirror wide enough to complement the vanity and space.

Double sink vanity with matching mirrors, bathroom design by Cozyhome Kitchen and Bath atImprove Canada.

For an entirely different look, you can use the mirror to fill the whole wall, often running above the toilet as well. Installing this type of mirror will make the bathroom feel much bigger. But remember, this will also mean there will be more mirror to keep clean!

Full wall vanity mirror brings light and the illusion of space from Lucvaa Kitchen atImprove Canada.

Another idea is to use matching mirrored medicine cabinets. These are a great option if you feel you need more space. Just remember to check with your contractor or designer that you have sufficient room in the wall cavity to accommodate the cabinet's depth.

Lighting is another essential component in the bathroom, and need plenty of it. Be sure to choose a lighting fixture that is no wider than your vanity or cabinet width. A popular light fixture style is the vanity bar light. Typically they should be approximately 75 percent of the mirror's total width. If you have a very wide vanity or double sink setup, another good option would be to double up on your fixture, so you have one over each sink or mirror.

For all your lighting needs check contact the many lighting specialists at Improve Canada.

Vanity Bar Light centered on over each mirror and sink, designed by Sosna atImprove Canada

Wall sconces on either side of the mirror are also another good option. They can be used in place of the bar light or in addition to a bar light. Wall sconces can increase the amount of usable light in the room, making it even easier to see yourself in the mirror! They can also add a stylish element to any bathroom.

A trio of matching hanging pendant lights above the twin mirrors is another good alternative to wall sconces.

Pendant lights centered over twin mirrors and double vanity, designed by Alexandra Naranjo Design atImprove Canada

Generally, your bathroom vanity light doesn't have to be a perfect match to your faucets and fixtures. However, it should complement them.  Brushed finishes work well with brushed finished and shiny works well with shiny. If you can't find the exact match, staying within the same colour palette will help with consistency and complement the look.

A popular trend today in lighting is using exposed light bulbs – and it’s a great look, but the light from these exposed bulbs can be harsh.  Glass shades are a great alternative and can help reduce the light's harshness. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and style, but just remember that different lighting types serve different functions.

No matter what style you choose for your bathroom, whether it's traditional, contemporary, or transitional, you want to make sure you create a space that functions and suits your needs. Making sure you choose the right vanity, mirror, and lighting will ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom.

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