Swimming Pool Design and Build

 Swimming Pool Design and Build

The area around a pool is vulnerable to puddling - no matter how well you lay the paving, it will be splashed and splashed and water will accumulate temporarily.  Puddles of course create a slip hazard and so it’s a good idea to build some sort of drainage system into the pool surround. You’ll find a range of very attractive slot drains on our website, but if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary - ask us about bespoke grids. Explore Drainage Solutions

Vertical Surfaces The inside of the pool is just as important as the surrounding area. Especially since it needs to keep the water INSIDE the pool. Talk to your swimming pool supplier about the finishes they recommend.  With careful choice of sealants and adhesives if it is to be underwater, X-tech porcelain cladding gives a fabulous finish to a pool. And of course that finish can be reflected by surrounding vertical surfaces such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, planters and retaining walls. Learn More About Porcelain Cladding

A swimming pool is all about comfort - will you provide your clients with some sort of shelter from the hot sun and/or chilly breezes? An elegant pergola lends itself beautifully to ambient lighting - perfect for long summer nights beside the pool. Will you commission a bespoke pergola with louvred roof and/or removable sides? Or would you prefer to create a timber structure of your own design.  Maybe with a living roof for extra interest? Whichever you want, we’re here to help with technical advice and/or sourcing any of the materials you need.

Finally, let’s not forget plants. They’re probably not your main focus when building a swimming pool but those living decorative touches make all the difference.  Plants have a unique way of making an area feel super-luxurious. Plus, if you have enough of them, they can actually make the air feel cooler by way of evapotranspiration. Keeping treated water away from plants and soil away from the swimming pool can be a challenge - unless of course you are building a natural swimming pond….but we’ll cover those in a whole other article.  We recommend using planters.  There are some stunningly beautiful planters available to order from our website - and a lot more that we’ve not had time to add to our online catalogue.  Contact us - let us know what you need. For a truly solid and permanent planter, you could use the solid wall system to create the shape and then clad it with paddlestones, with porcelain cladding or with timber battens - depending on the styling you have chosen.  Fill it with beautiful plants. Not sure what plants to choose? The team at My Garden Design can create a bespoke planting plan for you. Not confident that your clients will be able to care for their plants? What about an artificial green wall? They’re great at creating ambience and need virtually no maintenance.  Of course, if the budget allows, a living green wall would be far more eco-friendly! 

Here To Help Suffice to say, that the Arbour Landscape Solutions team are here to support you at every stage of your swimming pool project. From finding a specialist pool builder, to specifying materials, hiring machinery and sourcing products - between us we have all of the expertise you need.  And at Arbour Landscape Solutions, introductions and technical advice are always 100% free of charge. We’d also like to help you tell the world about your project.  All you need to do is send us photographs of the work in progress and the finished article and we’ll use all of our in-house resources to make sure that the world gets to hear about your garden design expertise and landscaping skills.  It’s a great way to win better work for your business.

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