Solid hardwood floor from Junckers is second to none - CFJ

Solid hardwood floor from Junckers is second to none - CFJ

COMPARING flooring products by price only is rarely straightforward. The expected lifespan of a floor will determine its lifecycle costs and it will also affect the environmental impact of the product. While the lifetime cost of a floor may not always be at the forefront of our minds at the point of installation, it’s a factor many of clients – architects, main contractors, and specifiers, are increasingly paying attention to. As part of its 2030 Climate Challenge, Riba has set out guidelines for longevity, with a 60-plus year product lifespan as the gold standard.

A floor that’s naturally strong and durable and can be refurbished several times will have a much longer lifespan, in turn leading to lower lifecycle costs. It goes without saying that an effective maintenance programme will extend the life of a floor, so when choosing between different flooring options, it pays off to factor in how the floor is cared for and maintained, and how maintenance will affect its lifespan.

A floor with a long life will not only have lower lifecycle costs, but it will also reduce waste and landfill, reduce consumption of raw materials, the need for recycling, carbon offsetting and pollution. Less frequent replacement also means operational carbon levels will be reduced in the long term because the use of vehicles and plant will be reduced.

Regular care = long life Says Junckers: ‘The lifecycle cost of a solid hardwood floor from Junckers is second to none; a 22mm beech floor, for example, can be sanded and refinished eight to10 times during its life without loss of performance. With 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded – the perfect demonstration of how a regular maintenance programme makes a difference to the life of the floor.

‘Working with a nation-wide network of approved contractors, Junckers offers maintenance schemes which come with a 25-year guarantee. It involves periodic inspections of the floor’s condition and performance, regular cleaning and maintenance using Junckers’ trusted products, plus care and cleaning advice to keep the floor in optimum condition throughout its life. The regular maintenance work means contractors maintain good relationships with customers and the life of the customer’s floor is prolonged, keeping lifecycle costs low.’

Junckers says its woodcare products are designed to help maintain a healthy indoor climate, be kind to the environment, and complement naturally beautiful timber. The range carries the Danish Indoor Climate Label, which means it’s reportedly undergone extensive degassing and odour tests to ensure no harmful chemicals adversely affect indoor air quality.

The company continues: ‘Pre-treatment, finishing and maintenance products – Junckers’ reliable woodcare range offers a solution for every project, be it residential, commercial, or sports flooring.’ Junckers says its best-selling oils, lacquers, primers, and maintenance products include the following, in the company’s words:

HP COMMERCIAL / HP SPORT – The industry’s ‘go-to’ lacquer and gold standard finish, Junckers most popular woodcare product for a reason. A two-component water-based lacquer for high traffic areas.

STRONG – Easy to use, low odour, water-based, one-component lacquer for heavy traffic residential and lighter traffic commercial floors. Excellent levelling and flow characteristics.

PRELAK & PRELAK COLOUR – Fast-drying, water-based clear and coloured primer for use on untreated or machine-sanded floors. Use one of Junckers’ water-based lacquers to finish.

BASEPRIME – Quick-drying, oil-based primer ideal for use where water-based primers cannot be used due to poor adhesion, such as exotic and oily timbers.

2K ECO PROTECT OIL – A clear or coloured oil which can be used with or without hardener. Can be finished with Junckers’ water-based lacquer.

REFRESHER – A new, quick-drying maintenance product to revive a dull looking wooden floor, hide minor scratches and protect the floor without the need for sanding. 01376 534700 Twitter/Instagram @junckersfloors

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