7 fresh new living room ideas

7 fresh new living room ideas

From bold Mediterranean prints to contrast panelling; Good Homes magazine has pulled together some of the hottest ideas right now to give your living room a fresh update…

If you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your living room and have exhausted Pinterest as a source of inspiration, it’s time to get innovative. Here are some of the most interesting and dynamic design ideas for living rooms from this year’s trends to get your creative juices flowing.

Panelling is a brilliant way to add detail and character and is one of our favourite modern living room ideas. Whether you’re creating clever storage or adding interest to the existing walls, it can completely transform the space. Painting the panelling light colours can help reflect the light and stop the room feeling smaller. A lovely touch is to paint your beading in a bold contrast colour, as in this scheme from Dunelm.

Why not bring a touch of the Mediterranean back home from your summer holiday to remind you of long sun-soaked lazy days and balmy evenings year-round, with a wallpaper or mural. Wallsauce have great options, including this made-to-measure fruit wallpaper mural by Andrea Haase. Many of Wallsauce’s wallpapers are self-adhesive, so it’s easy to make the jump to trying out a bold wallpaper without ruining the paintwork underneath.

Textured artwork is having a moment and is a great and easy way to add interest to your walls and a bohemian feel to your rooms. There’s plenty of textured artwork that can be picked up on Etsy or you can give it a go and make one yourself. Collective Gen has a brilliant step-by-step guide on how to make your own upcycled sculptural art.

Creating a sense of comfort in a living room is all about texture. While throws, cushions and rugs will all add to this, why not embrace the trend for walls with textural paint effects to add another dimension to your space? Paints like Bauhaus and other limewashes are perfect for recreating this style. Limewash can add a beautiful depth to the walls and is one of the more environmentally friendly decorating techniques.

Fancy some more creative living room ideas that put your sofa at the centre of the scheme? We love this idea from DFS for mixing and matching colours from a modular sofa range to create a colourful design. Modular sofas are perfect if you love re arranging your rooms regularly, as they’re made up in sections so can be moved about in different layouts or even extended or downsized, to really make the space work for you.

Take the coastal theme but give it a 2022 update with a stylish New England twist. New England style has a smarter feel to it and is more elegant than rustic. Chic navy blues tend to feature quite heavily and woodwork is polished. Of course, there are stripes, but they’re sharper with brilliant whites and a switch up of broad and narrow lines (like the beautiful ILIV ones pictured). Contrasting stripes can look great picked up in the cushions and curtains.

If you want to make a big statement update in your living room without too much effort, then a bold curtain could be the way to go. Try a floor length curtain for maximum effect and tie in your colourway with soft furnishings, like the cushions. The bold geometric design here works well in a large room that can carry such a bold print.

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