Bed sheet colors to improve sleep – 5 hues that are beneficial in the bedroom

Bed sheet colors to improve sleep – 5 hues that are beneficial in the bedroom

The importance of color in the bedroom is abundant – from the psychological benefits of the correct paint to tones in your curtains and furnishings. However, one element that is sometimes overlooked is amongst the most impactful factors on your wellbeing – so if you're looking for advice on how to sleep better – this could be the solution you need. The element in question comes in the shape of your bedsheets. 

When searching for the best bed sheets, the psychological impact of their color may not have entered your equation. However, sleep experts are encouraging you to look beyond their aesthetics and consider how a color makes you feel – to encourage a longer, more restful slumber. 

From green to gray, these are the colors that experts are bringing into their bedroom ideas – and why they recommend doing the same. 

'Light blue has been associated with calmness and serenity,' says  Dr. Katherine Hall, Ph.D. from Somnus - Sleep Therapy (opens in new tab). However, the expert is not exclusive in her admiration for this therapeutic hue.

She references a study that suggests households that have blue bedrooms sleep the best when compared to any other color – meaning this color may be the secret to a long sleep. And her suggestion is reinforced by  Dr. Rosmy Barrios, a regenerative medicine specialist, and expert at Health Reporter (opens in new tab). 

'Blue can be an excellent choice for decorating a bedroom, as it reduces muscle tension and pulse, calms the mind, and normalizes breathing,' Dr. Rosmy says. 'Due to its calming effect, the color is very relaxing and sometimes even tiring, so it is recommended for those who have insomnia. Moreover, the color blue is associated with harmony and balance.'

'Green is also classified as a relaxing and calming color because it reminds us of nature, so it distracts from everyday worries and allows us to forget,' Dr. Rosmy says. Therefore, the expert suggests that both green and blue are often used in the bedroom. 

And for a specific shade of green, Dr. Hall suggests choosing a sage hue that will turn your bedroom into a therapeutic space with a connection to the outdoors. 'Sage green often symbolizes nature and is often associated with peace and tranquillity making it a great color for the bedroom,' she adds. 

While white is amongst the bed sheet colors to avoid, gray, a somewhat similar tone, has the opposite effect. 'Gray is also a fantastic option for those who want quality sleep,' says Dr. Barrios. The expert urges us to rethink our associations surrounding gray, especially those that think the color is dull. Instead, this tone makes the perfect main bedroom idea as it is 'not aggressive' and always calming. 

Trend experts may predict that lavender will be one of the most fashionable color trends for 2023, and if you're looking to play with this shade in any room, the bedroom is the best place to start. Designer Ashleigh Clark (opens in new tab) explains that lavender is one of the best hues for achieving a good night's sleep. However, she warns against opting for purple instead of this specific tone. 

'Do not confuse this with purple as purple is known to have the opposite effect,'  Ashleigh says. 'Lavender, a soft mix of blues, purples, and grays, is known to boost our creativity. Waking up in a lavender room may kick-start a productive day after a good night's rest.'

While pink is not for everyone, it does have its therapeutic qualities for those who are looking to improve their sleep. 'Pink may not be the go-to answer, but it is said that a soft pink may help reduce your blood pressure. It is also known to promote peace and joy,' Ashleigh says. 

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