20 colorful front door colors 2022: Real Homes|Four Generations One Roof

20 colorful front door colors 2022: Real Homes|Four Generations One Roof

20 colorful front door colors featuring mustard yellow and red as my favorite! I personally love yellow front doors as the color goes with white, gray, blue, brick and stone exterior siding. Picking a front door color can seem overwhelming but it’s just paint so if you don’t like it, you can always repaint it! 

I remember when we had to pick a door color at our old house, it was such an ordeal! My dad didn’t think much of the door design (we had to get a new door) and could have cared less about the door paint color! 

When picking a front door,  you need to be mindful of whether or not you want to let natural light in or not. Front doors with sidelights and glass provide a lot of natural light!

I love the side-lights on this black front door below.

A navy blue front door is perfect if you have light colored exterior siding and you want to add a pop of color. Navy blue doors are traditional and classic. The navy blue Craftsman style front door below looks gorgeous with the cedar shingle siding below.

I love the deep red doors below with the contrasting warm wood ceiling. Another Craftsman door below for the win!

I think a bright red door is #1 on my list.

The light green door below with glass is beautiful and looks pretty with the natural beauty from the plants and trees.

A baby blue front door looks gorgeous with the light khaki colored siding and bronze light fixtures.

We have this exact door in our foyer and this picture below makes me want to paint it red right now!

If a painted front door isn’t your style, then how about a stained front door? Maybe a dark or lighter shade depending on your exterior house color? I personally love the darker stained front door below against the stone facade. 

The light natural color stained door below has a peep hole similar to our new front door! We moved into our new home almost 4 years ago and the Mediterranean front door is arched with cute little peep hole like the one below. 

Another lime green front door below with smaller windows across the top provides privacy while letting in natural light. 

Yellow front doors or mustard yellow, are perfect if you are daring and want a bright pop of color. 

Can you tell I like yellow doors along with the color red? Heading into 2022, I am willing to bet that the colorful front door themes will continue. Colorful front door colors are so easy to implement with paint and little bit of time.

Simply buy whatever color paint you love, and start painting! Depending on the texture of your door and what it is made of, you may need to apply a primer as a base coat. I think I may paint our front door a bright red for the spring until we get our new door. How about you, do you have any front door colors in mind for your front door? For more decorating inspiration, see our Our DIY Home Projects Page.

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