Traditional white kitchen ideas – pure shades for period and classic schemes

Traditional white kitchen ideas – pure shades for period and classic schemes

Traditional white kitchen ideas will always be highly sought-after. No matter which color is on trend at the moment, there is always a love for the clean lines and effortless style that a traditional white kitchen brings. 

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Endlessly versatile, traditional white cabinetry provides the perfect base for a myriad of styles – from industrial chic to farmhouse charm. Prevent your space feeling clinical by accenting with pops of color, texture and warm wooden furniture – they'll sing all the more sweetly against the white backdrop.

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'Color and light are two of the most important things to consider when designing and decorating a traditional white kitchen, as they add depth and character' says Nerine Vacher, kitchen designer at Neptune. 

'Making use of the natural light will go a long way in creating a harmonious flow in your kitchen, and matching your cabinets to suit the light of the room, like Neptune's Snow or Salt white shades in a well-lit kitchen, will offer a whole new level of serenity.'

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The adage 'out of sight, out of mind' used to be a driving force in kitchen design but too many matching cupboard doors and empty counter-tops can make your space feel unlived in. 'Storage doesn't have to be about closing items away in cupboards. Bespoke joinery can be designed to display personal belongings in their best light' says architect Amos Goldreich.

Opting for a traditional white kitchen provides a neutral backdrop that is ideal for pairing with open shelving, as it lets your kitchenware or other trinkets take center stage without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. 

Not only will the warmth from the range will make a traditional white kitchen feel cozy and welcoming but the bright color make your space warmer all year round.

Soft furnishings are the best way to add character into any room. Cost-effective and straightforward to change, they are an easy way to completely reinvent the look and feel of a space.

Traditional white kitchen ideas give you total freedom in the colors of your soft furnishings as it goes with any color, pattern and texture – so you can choose blinds, cushions and throws that not only complement your kitchen but also reflect your personality.

'White shades appear to vary depending on what they are seen next to' says Ruth Mottershead, the creative director at Little Greene. 'So it’s important to sample in situ, next to one another and alongside other surfaces and decorative elements in your kitchen, in order to compare the different effects this produces.' 

'For kitchens, it’s essential to choose the right finish too. Select a hard-wearing, washable finish such as Intelligent Satinwood for cabinets which providing protection as well as a smooth satin feel without being ‘too glossy’.

For timeless appeal, let your home's original features take the lead. Opting for just base cabinets means they don't distract from the stunning wooden beams in this beautiful cottage while the warm white shade makes the room feel light and airy.

Capture the laid-back essence of Mediterranean style with terracotta tiles. Working well with clean white interiors, their copper tones evoke the warmth of the sun – perfect for brightening up a cold kitchen. The tiles can be machine or handmade and offer an affordable flooring choice. Look for pretreated versions, which are treated with a primer and durable sealant to give them longevity and durability, especially if you are planning to lay in high-traffic areas. 

Reclaimed or artificially aged tiles are a great way to achieve that signature, artfully distressed look. Setting the delicately patterned Antic Décor tile alongside the white backdrop of the Antic Blanco tiles both by Life Ceramica, creates a band of color that pops against a traditional white kitchen. Pair with dark-toned grout to add to the time-worn feel. 

'A traditional white kitchen needs a freestanding cooker, a sink looking out into the garden, a pantry cupboard and a table in the middle.' says Devol's Creative Director, Helen Parker 'That's the ideal and worth trying to fit them in if at all possible.'

If you've got a small kitchen then dark colors are a big no-no. Instead opt for a white kitchen as it will help to reflect light back into the room, making it feel brighter and more spacious. 

Scandi-style is all about creating bright and airy spaces that are as light as possible, and that means white features heavily.  Pair white cabinets with a blonde wood flooring and complementary wooden table and chairs to evoke the serenity of Scandinavian design. 

Team traditional Shaker-style cabinets with tongue-and-groove panelling for the perfect amount of rustic charm, as in this kitchen by British Standard. Paint cabinets and panelling in a matching pale, neutral shade to emphasise detailing and make the space feel fresh and airy. 

Your island is the stand out part of your kitchen. Located right at the heart, the rest of the design revolves around this point. So let it take centre stage. Paint your island in a bold color – perhaps one that you love but are nervous to use across a whole wall – which will pop against the rest of your white cabinets and walls, instantly adding interest and personality. 

A traditional white kitchen is definitely a good idea. Whether you love farmhouse chic, minimalist elegance or Scandi-style it provides the perfect versatile backdrop for your interior style – whatever that may be.

A traditional white kitchen is guaranteed to look great no matter what color you decide to pair with it. Create a bold statement with primary colors which looks great when used on appliances or accents. Alternatively, opt for aquatic greens and turquoises for a more natural inspired feel that works brilliantly with patio doors leading straight on to the garden. 

If you're a lover of vintage, then white is the perfect foil to pastel shades, for this, paint an accent wall in your favourite color to add a touch of charm to your space.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles and natural stone are all great backsplash ideas for a traditional white kitchen. The backsplash provides the ideal opportunity to add a splash of color to your kitchen and you have the entire rainbow to choose from - everything will go. If you don't want to make a bold statement, the veining in natural stone like marble or granite can add subtle interest without overwhelming the space.

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