Green bedroom ideas – from olive to emerald, explore the decorating schemes that can create a luxe retreat

Green bedroom ideas – from olive to emerald, explore the decorating schemes that can create a luxe retreat

Take a breath with our restful green bedroom ideas. Green isn’t just for the garden – used right, it can make a mellow, gentle statement in any space. It’s particularly suited to a bedroom, where it can be all at once calming and invigorating, refreshing and comforting.

Shades of green work beautifully together, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark, blue- and yellow-based tones. As for accents, our current favourite combinations are sage green and blush pink, and emerald green and sapphire blue.

But again, as in your garden, green can form a gentle backdrop to almost any shade – certainly don’t believe the old adage that blue and green should never be seen…’ In fact, our blue bedroom ideas give more examples of how the two can be used together harmoniously.

Using a favourite fabric or piece of art is always a great way to embark on a colour scheme. This panel of fabric becomes the starting point to this relaxed bedroom, picking out colours found in the fabric for walls, bedlinen and accessories.

Choosing from the stronger tones to upholster a bedhead and softer tones for the wall colour, so that the look remains cohesive but doesn’t become overbearing. Finish with pops of complementary blush pink on a textured throw and a pretty floral arrangement for a feminine flourish.

Time and again, experts will cite green as the best colour to paint a bedroom. ’When we see green, we relate it to nature,’ says leading colour expert Karen Haller. ‘Where there is green, there is water, we know there’s food and we feel safe. Also, our eyes need to make very little adjustment to see green, which is why we find it restful.’

However, we also want our greens to be refreshing, so that come the morning, we feel energised and ready to face the day. That’s where a minty green – like Crown’s Botanical Extract Easyclean matt emulsion, £18 for 2.5ltrs – comes into its own.

Another benefit of this particular paint is its Easyclean formula. Crown’s toughest and most washable range yet, it has been designed for repetitive cleaning and produced winning results when tested for its stain- and scrub-resistance. Ensuring this fresh look continues to feel fresh…

Bring the great outdoors inside with a green woodland print wallpaper. Create a full forest by wallpapering the whole room, or settle for a more subtle look by sticking to a feature wall. Deep green velvet cushions and curtains bring out the light green shades in the paper, and add warmth to this master bedroom.

The freshness and succulence of botanical patterns bring joy and life to a bedroom. It’s like spotting the first green buds of spring each time you wake up. Match the romantic, fresh greens of frond and fern motifs with cyan blue, soft blush and buff tones.

Don’t be a fraud to mix and match – as in a cottage garden, it’s the mix of blooms and colours that makes the look so charming. A vivid green headboard pulls everything together.

Deep green can work in spaces big and small – even on all four walls if you offset it above the dado with clean white and a pale colour on the floor. It’ll change mood as the day goes on, feeling fresh and energising in the morning, then dramatic and immersive at night. Blush accents lift the deep green and give it a softer, prettier feel.

Bold Botanical designs fit perfectly in a green space, while a mid-weight green backdrop will set a calm, cocooning scene. Balance out the bright colour with warm pinks and natural woods.

‘Every bedroom benefits from a touch of green,’ says Emma Hooton, in-house stylist for luxury linen brand Tielle. ‘Add houseplants and experiment with a single potted plant on a bedside table or go all-in with hanging displays and leafy ferns. Plants encourage relaxation, calmness and have those all-important air-purifying qualities.’

Patterned bedlinen is big right now, but if you want to create a boutique-hotel feel, you can’t go wrong with simple white 100 per cent cotton. It’s a great foil to the statement wallpaper and deep teal upholstered bed, bringing freshness to your look.

Abstract wall coverings and textiles in lime green and blue create an authentic mid-century feel. Don’t be afraid to clash prints, and if a full wall is too bold for you, frame a section of wallpaper instead. You can also use pops of bright white and grey to balance the zestiness of the lime.

Light wood furniture offers mid-century charm. Look out for classic styles indicative of the era on auction sites like eBay, or pick up reproductions from or Loaf. If you use one room for multiple activities (for example, to study and sleep) consider using paint to distinguish between areas.

This pale, fresh green lends any space a calming feel and can be styled to be as rustic or polished as you like. Soft blush and nude tones are the perfect companion for such soft cactus shades. Avoid fabrics with a sheen. Matt-finish linens and cottons keep the look modern.

Here, the emerald green walls behind the mustard yellow headboard are a combination that’s both joyous and calming. It’s a bold and modern colour choice that prevents the otherwise retro look from becoming a pastiche.

A lovely light space like this can take a strong shade. So that the walls remain the star of the scheme, the owner chose simple white curtains, pale painted floorboards and pale mushroom and grey furniture elsewhere.

Less bland the white, but just as clear and fresh, mint green will make your bedroom a positive place to wake up in. Avoid creamy neutrals and team mint green with pure whites and steely greys to keep the effect crisp and clean. Natural wood furniture is essential for adding warmth to this cool colour mix.

Be bold and use a combination of green and black to smarten up a space. Leaf prints have made the leap from traditional and country interiors into modern design. In a bedroom, introduce botanical prints through patterned pillowcases and upholstered furniture.

Soothe the senses with calming shades, layers of cosy quilts and a springy carpet underfoot. Serene and spring-like, pastels enliven a neutral palette and bring a fresh and tranquil feel to a sleep space. Combine sugary pinks, mauves, cornflower blue and on a backdrop of mint green for a sophisticated scheme.

Pile up polish cushions and quilted throws to make your bed even more inviting at the end of a long day.

This less-is-more approach relies on a strong statement piece of furniture – a bed frame. An upholstered headboard would work equally well and you can always re-cover it if you tire of the colour.

Keep things fresh with a white backdrop and a display of succulents. Make them faux if you’re not a fan of plants in a bedroom…

For the ultimate glamorous nighttime hideaway, use lush foliage prints on the walls and team with jewel colours. The resulting effect is part grown-up treehouse, part tropical island, and part boutique hotel.

The leaf wallpaper in this loft bedroom is a brave choice, but it makes an effective focal point of the bed, which in turn transforms quite a large, bright space into a cosier, more welcoming one. Pops of yellow bring a green scheme to life, like flowers blooming in a garden.

Looking to add a little colour to an all-white bedroom. You can’t go wrong with a splash of sage. It’s a shade that’s very easy to live with and unlikely to date too quickly. It’s a good idea to introduce matching sage accessories – in this case cushions and table lamps – to pull the colour subtly through the room.

To create a decorative garden look, combine dainty designs featuring leafy treelike and rambling florals is subtle shades of green. Pair an ornate painted metal bed frame with a vintage patio table, and add a solid block of fresh green by way of a throw, rug or cushions.

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